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Parents Code of Conduct


Glen Iris Gymnastics encourages good sportsmanship and behavior that is appropriate and respectful at all times. Glen Iris Gymnastics believes that all people involved in sports need to advocate and model the fundamentally positive aspects of sports, which include but are not limited to sporting and human excellence, fair play, honest competition and effort, self-discipline, integrity, personal growth and development.

Policy Statement

In an effort to make gymnastics training and participation in gymnastics events a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participants, Glen Iris Gymnastics has implemented a Parents Code of Conduct Policy. The Policy is designed to require parents to maintain a sportsmanlike atmosphere at the Club and during events whether held at our club or other clubs.


The Parent Code of Conduct relates to parents, grandparents, carers and other family friends visiting our Club or attending gymnastics events / competition.


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that:

  • Individuals are aware of and understand that acts deviating from the Parent Code of Conduct Policy are considered a serious offence for which action will be imposed.

  • Those subjected to or witnessing acts deviating from the Parent Code of Conduct Policy are encouraged to access any assistance they may require in order to pursue a complaint.

Code of Conduct Policies

For our Club to function at its absolute best, there must be a trust between the parents, the coaches and the Club management. All parties must show respect, support and understanding.

Support your child’s positive growth and development

  • Please support the coaches by encouraging a behaviour in your child and her teammates that demonstrate characteristics of integrity, empathy, sacrifice, and responsibility.

  • Acknowledge and appreciate a gymnasts’ growth towards maturity and their effort towards establishing stronger relationships with teammates, fellow competitors, coaches and themselves.

  • Affirm your daughter and her teammates when good character and healthy sportsmanship are displayed.  DO NOT praise only her performance and/or victory.

  • Do NOT talk in a way that inflicts blame or guilt based on how your athlete performs. At every training they are growing physically and emotionally.  At every training they are learning moral and ethical lessons and at every training they are developing character.

Serve as a role model for our gymnasts

  • Talk politely and acting courteously towards coaches, officials, other parents, competitors’ parents and spectators at training and competitions.

  • Do NOT verbally abuse the gym, its coaches, and facility and gossip to other parents.

  • The use of use offensive language in any communication (verbal or written) will not be tolerated in our Club.

  • Show appreciation of volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators. Without them, your child could not participate.


Model good sportsmanship

  • Acknowledge and applaud the efforts of ALL competitors. 

  • Accept defeat graciously by congratulating members of other clubs when they have performed well.  

  • Support the club regardless of which level your daughter competes in.

  • Encourage your child and her teammates with positive statements, even when they do not perform or train at their best. 

  • Negative attitudes or comments, hysterical behaviour, arrogance, and connotative gestures or comments are unacceptable and do not represent Glen Iris Gymnastics in a positive manner. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and if this happens during a competition, you will be removed from the competition immediately. Ongoing or extreme cases may jeopardise your gymnast’s current and future membership with Glen Iris Gymnastics.


Trust your daughter’s Coach and let your child grow

  • Once the gymnasts arrive at the gym and the session starts, they are under the instruction of their Coach.

  • Do NOT interfere with training sessions. Parents generally are not allowed to be present during the training.  Parents sitting in the gym distract attention of their own and other children, making it much more difficult for the coach to conduct the class. The Club will be offering open lessons for the parents who would like to see their child at training.

  • Parents are advised to enter the waiting area no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the training. Please refrain from attracting the gymnasts’ attention until they have been dismissed at the end of the class. You should not remove your child during class without first speaking to the coach.

  • Do NOT at any time enter the training area / gymnastics floor unless invited to do so by a coach or official.

  • Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with their daughter’s Coach. Do NOT interfere in coaching matters and never give your child or the coach technical advice about gymnastics.


Be supportive of your Club and its functioning

  • In order to operate optimally, the club has policies in place, which include financial terms and fees. These are non-negotiable and any attempt to negotiate fees and costs of the program will seen as offensive.

  • The Club also brings experts in different fields, special dance trainers, masterclass experts – any attempt to employ these staff outside of the club will be considered a breach of your loyalty and may jeopardise your gymnast’s current and future membership with Glen Iris Gymnastics.


Team parents are expected to be advocates of the gym and its coaches

  • Set a good example to other parents and more importantly TO YOUR CHILD!

  • If you have any queries or concerns, please bring these concerns directly to the main office. There is never a positive outcome from gossiping, and it can only cause harm to everyone involved.

  • Do NOT gossip amongst other parents or on social media. Please note that any gossiping or negative statements made in public places and social media may jeopardise your gymnast’s current and future membership with Glen Iris Gymnastics.

  • Refrain from discussing issues in front of your child.


Procedure for grievances

  • If you need to discuss any matter relating to training sessions, activities or incidents during training sessions, please discuss this to your daughter’s Coach.

  • If you need to discuss any urgent matter relating to members and children safety, please contact Ashleigh at

  • If you need to discuss any issue relating to the gymnasium facilities and coaches, please contact Jeremy Walker at

  • If you need to discuss any administrative and gymnastics program queries , please contact Ashleigh  at

  • For financial matters, please contact Peta-Marie at

All gymnasts and their parents are expected to display good sportsmanship AT ALL TIMES!

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