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Expectations of a Competitive Gymnast


  • Be punctual, and appropriately dressed (black leotard, black shorts or leggings, high bun, toe shoes or white socks). 

  • Attendance at 100% of training sessions is expected, however a minimum of 90% attendance must be met in order to maintain group placement from term to term (exceptional circumstances excluded). 

  • Notify coach and/or Club Director of late arrivals, absences, illness, injury etc.

  • When a gymnast is injured and not able to train to their full potential, gymnasts are expected to come into the gym and do training that does not interfere with the injury. In some cases, the gymnasts can come in and do a modified program, strength, flexibility and rehabilitation. 

  • Parents generally are not allowed to be present during the training.  



  • Competitive gymnasts are provided with an opportunity to compete at Interclub, State and National competitions. 

  • The coaches will decide which competitions gymnasts are eligible to enter. There are set standards for competition readiness. Competition Program is set by State and National bodies.

  • Gymnasts may compete as part of a team or individually depending on the competition level, rules and structure. 

  • Whilst we understand holidays are generally taken during school holidays, some competitions fall during the holiday period. In this case, it is expected that gymnasts are available to compete in all calendared competitions and it is expected that gymnasts attend holiday training.

  • In order to attend a competition, the gymnast must have excellent attendance at training. Missing any training in the weeks prior to competition can seriously affect the performance and safety of the athlete, therefore the gymnast might be withdrawn, and the competition entry forfeited. 

  • If extended absence (i.e. holiday) occurs in the last four weeks prior to competition, the gymnast will not participate, and the competition entry will be forfeited. 

  • Gymnasts are judged on compulsory or optional routines, dependent on their level. 

  • Gymnasts must be well rested and follow appropriate nutritional guidelines at all times, in the lead up to competition.

  • Gymnasts must wear the competitive uniform in good condition. 

Competition Code of Conduct

  • All team members must support each other at all times and show good sportsmanship.

  • Gymnasts not competing should attend all competitions of the same level. This is for team support and knowledge. Team uniform should be worn in support of team mates.

  • Gymnasts should not let any problem they may have affect other gymnasts. If a gymnast is upset about something in their performance it should be worked on back in the gym. It should never be displayed on the competition floor.

  • A positive ‘go for it’ attitude must be presented before stepping into the competition gym.

  • Gymnasts must enter the competitions with the goal of performing the routines to the best of their ability at that time.

  • No speaking to anyone in the stands – this can result in disqualification in some events. 

  • The gymnasts must ask the coach at any time if she needs to leave the competition area (competition floor and warm-up area).

  • Gymnasts should ensure they are continuing with a well‐balanced food intake in the lead up to competition to ensure optimal performance. 

  • The gymnasts must be respectful of all judges and coaches no matter how your routine is performed, or what has happened.

  • The gymnast will always present properly to the judges, and then go immediately to the event coach.

A gymnast’s area of personal responsibility


  • Gymnast must make sure they have all personal equipment with then at the competition (apparatus, toe shoes, etc)

  • Gymnasts must arrive 15 minutes before the general warm up. Late arrival because of traffic or getting lost makes it difficult for mental and physical preparation for competition.

  • Hair and other preparations are to be completed by parents before warm-up starts.

  • Any strapping/ taping should be completed at least 10 minutes prior to the start of official warm up.

  • When awards are presented gymnasts must remain in full competition attire until presentations are finished. When receiving awards, gymnasts must stand with feet together and stand tall. 

  • Show appreciation to other gymnasts, coaches, the competition director and anyone else who helped support you during the competition.


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