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Fees Policies

Fees description

General Information

  •  Coaching fees are set at the beginning of each year and published on the Squad Offer specific to each Level/Group.

  • Coaching fees are calculated in accordance with the number and length of training sessions the gymnasts are expected to undertake in each level weekly and the number of weeks of training in a year.  Number of weeks of training in a year is 40 plus scheduled holiday training weeks, applicable to Level 3+. Gymfinity and Beginners – Level 2 will be offered the opportunity to attend Holiday Camps which will be an additional cost.

  • Total yearly training fees are divided equally across each calendar quarter and generally invoiced 3 weeks prior to the start of each calendar quarter. 

- Gymfinity and Beginner – Level 2: 10 weeks
- Level 3+: 10 weeks (includes 1 week of holiday training)

  • ALL fees must be paid by the due date on the invoice. 

  • New gymnasts starting part way through the term are charged on a pro rata basis, based on an average 10-week Term at the discretion of the Club

Apart from the coaching fees, which cover the coaching/tuition provided, there are also levies and additional costs that will be charged to gymnasts’ accounts. A summary of these costs is included in this document. Any account enquiries may be directed to the office administration by emailing


Fees & Levies

Gymnastics Victoria Registration Fee 

Glen Iris Gymnastics is registered and affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria (GV) and Gymnastics Australia (GA). All gymnasts, coaches and judges must also be registered members of the above-mentioned organisations. An annual registration fee that provides

Personal Sports Injury Insurance Cover is required for all Glen Iris Gymnastics members participating in Competitive Gymnastics. This registration fee is set by GV and GA every year and is collected by Glen iris Gymnastics on their behalf.  It is a non-refundable fee -
however, it is transferable if the athlete moves to another gymnastics club.
2024 registration charged:
Gymfinity, Beginner, Level 1 & 2          $50
Level 3+                                                          $90

Glen Iris Gymnastics Membership Fee

Annual Club membership fee of $50 is payable in the first quarter or upon joining Glen Iris Gymnastics.

This fee contributes to the administration costs to operate the Gymnastics program as well as all administration expenses as well as First-Aid supplies, including ice-packs, band-aids, tissues, etc.


Maintenance Levy 

All competitive gymnasts are required to pay a Maintenance Levy. This levy contributes to the costs required to maintain and upgrade the equipment in the Gymnastics Club and is defined based on the gymnast’s level. The levy is charged in quarterly instalments. Quarterly levy:

Beginner       $10

Level 1          $15

Level 2          $20

Level 3 - 10   $25

Junior Development/Development $25

Sub-Junior, Pre-Junior, Junior, Senior $30

(We understand the financial constraints families are under due to Covid and this fee will not be applicable in 2021,2022 & 2023)


Travel Levy 

Some competitive gymnasts are required to pay a Travel Levy to offset all staff travel costs associated with competitions (Training Camps, Australian Championships, National Club Championships and Overseas Tours). This will be defined and advised on a case by case basis. Families will be invoiced separately for these costs.


Competition Fee

Gymnasts are required to pay a competition fee when they participate in a competition. This is to to cover the costs of their entry fee (which is passed on to the organising Club) and accompanying coaches time.  

  • Gymnasts enrolled into each competitive level (Level 1-9) will be offered to participate in competitions scheduled for their level as per the competition calendar published by Gymnastics Victoria each year. Should you wish your daughter to participate in a competition, you will need to register her and pay the fees approximatively 6 weeks prior to the event. The office administration will send you a link for booking or invoice.

  • Should a gymnast be sick or injured and unable to compete, she might be entitled to a refund – please refer directly to GV policy. If the Club receives a refund on behalf of the gymnast, the Competition Levy will be reconciled at the end of the year and gymnasts’ accounts will be credited accordingly.

Please note that to represent the club at any competitions, club fees must be completely up to date. Payments can be made via credit card,  internet banking, cheque or in person.

Music/Choreography Fees 

Gymnasts competing in Level 7 and above as well as Sub-Junior and above are required to have an individually choreographed floor routines for each apparatus. 

  • Routines are choreographed outside of regular training hours and at least 2 hours of private class is required. The actual number of private classes required to complete a routine will largely depend on the complexity of the routine and the gymnast’s retention. This will be organised directly with the gymnast’s coach. Please refer to “Private lessons” for hourly rates.

  • Routine music can be provided by the Club or proposed by the gymnast. If the music needs to be edited for length, style, speed, etc, a fee of $25 to $50 will be charged.

  • All individually choreographed routines that are made at Glen Iris Club premises are considered property of the club. Any routines in full or in parts can only be reused  with permission from the Head Coach of the club.


Uniform Fees

  • It is compulsory for all Level 1 to 3 gymnasts to compete in the Club leotard and wear the club  jacket.

  • Gymnasts in Level 5 and above are expected to wear the Club tracksuit for competitions. They can wear their own leotards.

​Orders for the club leotard and tracksuit can be made by contacting the office administration. Payment must be made prior to collection. 

Christmas Show Fees

Should Glen Iris Gymnastics run a Christmas show or Display day at the end of year, a one-off costume levy will be charged ($20). This will be invoiced in the last quarter of the year.


Extra training fees

Coaches may offer their group extra training sessions before a competition in addition to their regular training times. Extra hours will be charged separately at a gymnast’s normal session rate.


Dance training

Ballet & Jazz training will be offered for some groups. You will be advised about fees and options. These will be invoiced per quarter.

Private lessons

One-on-one private lessons cost is as follows:

Advanced and FIG qualification coaches    $60 per hour     $40 per half an hour

Other Coaches                                               $50 per hour     $30 per half an hour


It is possible to have a semi-private lesson, when there is a maximum of 2 girls sharing the time for a minimum of one hour. In this case the fee will as follows:

Advanced and FIG qualification coaches    $35 per gymnast per hour

Other Coaches                                               $30 per gymnast per hour

Fees payment

Payment of fees

  • Option 1: Full payment of all gymnastics fees must be made by the due date on the invoice. 

  • Option 2: Payment of fees by instalments can be offered to gymnasts training 16 hours or more per week

Applications to pay in instalments will need to be sent to the office administration. Forms must be lodged and signed before the fees are due. Instalments may be made in no more than 3 equal payments over a Term. 


Late Payment Fee 

If full payment of quarterly fees is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of $50 will be added to the next your invoice.


Outstanding Fees

  • If fees are 2 weeks overdue, gymnasts will no longer be allowed to train until fees have been paid in full or an instalment plan is activated.

  • After two requests to the family to settle the outstanding debt has been attempted and the account is more than 30 days overdue, Outstanding fees will be referred to a debt collector. An additional cost of 20% of the debt will be later invoiced, to recover the costs involved.


Payment methods

  • Credit Card through Square invoices or Trybooking

  • Cash: Cash payments must be for the correct amount, handed to the office administration or the Club Director and a receipt obtained.

  • If the Office is unattended, please email to arrange an
    appropriate time, in person, to collect cash


Difficulty with payment

Please contact the Club Director via email: for a confidential discussion as soon as a difficulty with payment arises. The signatory on the Enrolment form will be held responsible for the settlement of all accounts.

Other Terms & Conditions

Full training schedule payment           

  • On acceptance of a gymnastics position, parents commit to payment of the full hours that the group trains.

  • Any necessary variations to the training regime should be negotiated and agreed with the office administration.


School Holiday Training

Whilst we understand holidays are generally taken during school holidays, in order to maintain a level of fitness and agility, especially leading up to competition time, it is important that gymnasts attend holiday training. 

  • Holiday training might be offered as an option for Beginner, Recreational, and Level 1 & 2

  • Specific information about the School Holiday Training expectations (number of week included) has been provided in the 2022 Information sheets specific to each level/group.

  • Specific times of holiday training will be advised closer to the dates.  Please note that these trainings can held during the day during the holidays and on different days than regular training. 

  • The fee for the holiday training has been included in your quarterly fees and is non-refundable. This applies to the weeks specified on the Information sheets specific to each level/group and does not include any Summer holiday training.

  • Summer holiday trainings will be charged separately at the gymnast's standard rate.

  • Extra training sessions during the holidays may be offered by the coach to the gymnasts. Extra hours will be charged separately at the gymnast’s normal hourly rate


Public Holidays

  • There is no training on Victorian and Australian Public Holidays


Gymnasts Extended Absences 

  • Please note that gymnasts who have extended absences (holiday or any other reason) are not entitled to a fee reduction.

  • However, if the absence is for a period of 4 weeks or more during the school term, an application can be made to the office administration to receive a credit for 50% of the missed period. Written applications must be sent to the office administration at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the school term. Credit will be applied to the following quarterly invoice.

  • No refund or discount on fees is given for gymnasts away on gymnastics trips with the Club.

Injury or Illness

Gymnasts who miss a training session due to sickness or injury are not entitled to a fee reduction.

Gymnasts may be eligible for a credit of fees in the case of injury or illness.

  • The absence must be for a period of three or more consecutive weeks.

  • Families must apply in writing to the office administration and provide a medical certificate covering the whole period.

  • Credits for the missed period will be offset against the fees for the following quarter.

  • Please note that gymnast is not permitted to train at all during this time i.e. if the gymnast is training a modified program, she is not eligible for this credit of fees.



All gymnasts who leave one Club for another are required to have a Gymnastics Australia Transfer Form signed by both Clubs.  A Transfer Form will not be signed until all accounts are paid in full. This process is managed by the Clubs on behalf of the gymnasts.


Withdrawal from the program

If a gymnast wishes to withdraw from the Program, they must provide at least 4 weeks’ written notification to the Club prior to the calendar quarter ending.

  • The date of discontinuance will be the end of the calendar quarter.

  • Retiring in the middle of the calendar quarter will incur full quarter payment retained by the Club.

  • Should a notification not be received 4 weeks' prior to the calendar quarter ending, families will be charged 4 weeks late withdrawal fee.

Exemptions may be made under certain conditions e.g. medical injury, interstate relocation. Please apply to the office administration if you consider an exemption warranted.


Make-up classes

  • No make-up classes are offered unless the class has been cancelled by the club or coach. Any class cancelled by the Club or coach will need to be made up by the end of the term by agreement with the coach.

  • No refund is given for a missed class.


Heat Policy

Should the temperature reach 36 degrees Celsius, as reported at 1pm on the Bureau of Meteorology website for the Melbourne Metropolitan area (, any afternoon training will be cancelled for health & safety reasons.

A notification about cancelled training will be sent ASAP on the Facebook page of the club. Any classes cancelled for this reason can be replaced with another class (replacement session to be taken before the end of the term). To apply for a replacement class please talk to the office. No refund will be provided for missed class due to high temperature.


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