Classes & levels

Beginner levels

Gymnastic Ball

At recreational levels girls learn dance steps, basic elements with rhythmic gymnastics apparatuses such as rope, hoop, ball, ribbon, clubs, some acrobatic elements.
RG Beginners 1 - 3-5 years old girls - 1 session - 1 hour per week
RG Beginners 2 - 5-6 years old girls without any gymnastics or dancing background - 1 session - 1 hour per week

Competitive levels - National stream


At competitive levels it's expected that girls have some gymnastics or dancing background. Girls learn dance steps, body work and apparatuses elements according to their level requirements. They participate at number of competitions throughout the year. From Level 7 and up girls can participate in Selection Trials for National Championship, Victorian, National and International Invitational Competitions.

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Elite / International stream


Junior levels are development levels for Elite/International stream.
Gymnast with good potential for Rhythmic Gymnastics can be accepted in groups according to age.